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The Importance Of The Lead Management Process

It is becoming more common to find a lead qualification group in marketing. This group is recognized by various names, such as telemarketing, tele-qualifying, lead development, inside sales representatives, etc. In some cases, where they are encouraged to sell lower priced services and products, they belong more in sales than in marketing. But in cases where their role is to simply cultivate prospects, qualifying them before passing the lead on to sales, it is more valuable to keep them in marketing.

Content’s Role In Revenue Marketing

Content is the fuel for your revenue marketing journey. The foundation for a successful content program begins with using the buyer’s journey and digital persona as building blocks. In the digital world, how prospects interact with your content tells you where they are on their buyers’ journeys and allows you to participate in a rational and helpful dialogue.

Debbie Qaqish, Rise of the Revenue Marketer