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Content’s Role In Revenue Marketing

Content is the fuel for your revenue marketing journey. The foundation for a successful content program begins with using the buyer’s journey and digital persona as building blocks. In the digital world, how prospects interact with your content tells you where they are on their buyers’ journeys and allows you to participate in a rational and helpful dialogue.

Debbie Qaqish, Rise of the Revenue Marketer

Organizational Fitness

[…] I began to realize that an organization’s fitness – like that of an organism – cannot be assessed in a vacuum; it is a product of compatibility with the surrounding environment.

Stanley McChrystal, Team of Teams

The Butterfly Effect

In popular culture, the term “butterfly effect” is almost always misused. It has become synonymous with “leverage” – the idea of a small think that has a bing impact, with the implication that, like a lever, it can be manipulated to a desired end. This misses the point of [Edward] Lorenz’s insight. The reality is that small things in a complex system may have no effect or a massive one, and it is virtually impossible to know which will turn out to be the case.

Stanley McChrystal, Team of Teams

Control And Reductionist Thinking

Attempts to control complex systems by using the kind of mechanical, reductionist thinking championed by thinkers from Newton to Taylor – breaking everything down into component parts, or optimizing individual elements – tend to be pointless at best or destructive at worst.

Stanley McChrystal, Team of Teams